Episode 54

Enterprise Linux Desktop

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About this Episode

Bill, Neal and Brandon get together to talk about "can you just drop linux in place of windows" on the business/enterprise desktop


TuxDigital - https://tuxDigital.com/
Sudo Show - https://sudo.show
Bitwarden - https://bitwarden.com/tux
Digital Ocean - https://do.co/tux2022

Discussion Points

The Register Article - https://www.theregister.com/2022/08/10/opinion_column_drop_windows_for_linux/

Open Source Linux Desktop Management Solutions

FleetDM - https://fleetdm.com
FleetDM is an great frontend to OSQuery and is designed to work with end user devices.

Gnome Fleet Commander - https://fleet-commander.org
Fleet Commander is built to push configuration to Gnome Desktops.

The Foreman - https://theforeman.org
Foreman is focused on Servers but pair it with Katello it allows you to have a contentment management system for packages and works with both RPM and Debian distros. Works nicely with Gnome Software.